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TM G18c SMG kit


HPA conversion kit for TM Glock 18c and other compatible glocks.

It allows you to use M4 AEG mags.

The kit does not include:

  • Micro Red Dot (check description below)
  • Glock 18c
  • Quick Disconnect (buy here)
  • Stock (check discription below)

Recommended Pressure: 80-150PSI.


Out Of Stock

WE Kit V3


HPA conversion kit for WE.

We’ve designed and improved a kit for all airsoft players that want to try High Pressure Air but don’t have the money to buy expensive mods.

This kit works with standard paintball tanks too, and we sell the regulators needed for it to work.

Recommended Pressure: 80-130PSI.

Open Bolt Only.