Here we’ll help you through the process of buying a HPA System, so that you can use your replica with High Pressure Air.

Bottle and preset regulator

Size isn’t important, bigger the bottle more shots you get per fill. There are two types, aluminum and composite. Aluminum bottles normally have 3000P SI working pressure while composite bottles have 4500PSI working pressure. Again more pressure means more shots. Bottles come with a preset regulator which can vary from bottle to bottle. Most common being 850PSI but can be reduced by removing spring discs inside – you can ask the store to do it for you.
Here is an example.


Shape, brand etc does not matter, but the following conditions must be met:

  • Input pressure must be higher than the output pressure of the tank;
  • The output pressure must be within the working pressure of your replica;
  • The regulator must have enough air flow. Most, if  not all airsoft and paintball regulators can provide enough air flow.

We offer a regulator here, the input pressure is 300PSI and the output pressure is 0-170PSI. Comes ready to fit onto the bottle. If you choose another regulator make sure it can fit onto your bottle and meets the above conditions.


The air hose should not choke the air flow, common choice is 6mm hose. To connect the hose to your replica a pair of quick disconnect should be used for easier connection.
We recommend our quick disconnect set. It shuts off the air flow once disconnected. You can buy it here.