Modifying your rifle to run on High Pressure Air can be expensive and sometimes tricky, but here’s a list of reasons why so many people choose to upgrade their rifle.

Why upgrade to high pressure air?

  • Long term investment

    CO2 cartridges can be expensive and a pain to constantly change. With HPA you can get your fuel for Free and it will last you thousands of shots. No more worrying about money and saving shots.

  • Use high capacity mags

    Using HPA will allow you to use hicaps and other mags. If you choose to buy the kit you can even use standard AEG mags!

  • Good recoil

    If you like realistic rifles and combat simulation you’ll love to hear that you can still get the kick from your weapon.

  • Reliable

    CO2 can be a pain to use in cold climates. CO2 can become liquid and stop your rifle from shooting. HPA does not behave like this and thus can be used in any climate with very consistent FPS.

  • No more changing cartridges

    Changing cartridges mid battle is annoying and stops the fun. With HPA you can literally use the same mag the entire game if you want, or in case you enjoy realism, use different ones with ease.

  • Adjustable FPS

    Different rules for different places and situations. With an HPA system you can choose what pressure to use, resulting in optimized FPS.

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We believe high pressure air can make the sport better by cutting the boring parts and making the combat even more awesome. Plus, you get to show off your sweet rig!