We offer you the best cutting edge modifications for your replicas.

Welcome to Alyan Airsoft, we provide you with awesome modifications for your airsoft rifle. We specialize in modifying Gas Blow Back replicas to support High Pressure Air. This means you can stop spending money on CO2 cartridges or Green Gas and start enjoying the benefits of Pressurized Air. We started developing these modifications in 2013 and we now have a wide range of products for WE gas blow back rifles while also taking suggestions for other producers.

We are based in Europe but we ship worldwide.

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We love what we do.

We’ve been passionate about airsoft for a long time and have been learning about pneumatics for longer. We strive to provide the best price-quality ratio in the market and will continue to improve our products to fit our clients desires.

We also provide custom modifications, don’t be afraid of contacting us about your idea!

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WE Kit V3

HPA conversion kit for WE. Recommended Pressure: 80-130PSI. Open Bolt Only. Some clients have been able to use the kit with Closed Bolt. How to install the kit.
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