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The conversion kit is an ultra compact air valve system running on HPA, allowing you to use AEG mags on gas replicas.



Our HPA mags allow you to easily use HPA instead of gas without hassle, simply connect your tank to the mag and play.



We offer the materials you need to run HPA on your airsoft setup such as pressure regulators and connectors.

Alyan Airsoft

We specialize in modifying gas blow back replicas to support high pressure air. This means you can stop spending money on CO2 cartridges or Green Gas and start enjoying the benefits of Pressurized Air. 

We started developing these modifications in 2013 and we now have a wide range of products for WE gas blow back rifles.

We are based in Europe but we ship worldwide.

If you’re curious about HPA you can see the advantages here.

We also provide a number of guides to help you install our products.